Psalm 20-21 Divine & Human King

Psalm 20-21 Divine & Human King


Most us may not realize that they are supposed to read or sing together as Royal Psalm. In this pair of royal psalms, 20 Psalm 20 is a prayer that God will give success to the Davidic king, particularly in battle. Psalm 21 gives thanks to God for answering the request of Psalm 20.

If we read them with care of form of structure,First,  we may find that first portion (20.1-5 and 21.1-7) come from their current situations:

1) Prayer for the King’s Success. In these verses the congregation addresses the Davidic king (“you”) with a prayer that God will answer his prayers, protect him from enemies, send him help, and support him.
2) Thanksgiving. These verses are addressed to the Lord (you) about the king (he), celebrating the military success prayed for in Psalm 20. It is clear from such terms as salvation (21:1, 5), your presence (v. 6), and trusts (v. 7) that the psalm assumes a pious and faithful king and is not intended to offer endorsement to sinful plans.

Second, we may find second portion (20.6-8 and 21.8-12) reflect their faith response to future:
1) Sound Confidence in the Lord Alone. Now the worshipers shift from speaking to the king to speaking about the king. They place their confidence in God alone as the one who saves his anointed, and thus the chariots and horses that they must use are not the final cause of success, only the means that God may be pleased to prosper (as they hope for themselves) or thwart (as they hope for the enemy).

2) Confidence for the Future. The person addressed (you) may still be God, as above, but it seems better to take it as the king, who will continue his military exploits on behalf of the people. As above, it is necessary to see that these enemies are those who hate the king (who is the Lord’s anointed, 20:6) and plan evil against him (21:11). When the king lives by the Davidic ideal, God takes hostility against the king as hostility against his own purposes and thus as against himself; thus the godly king is the tool of God’s wrath (v. 9).

Both Ps end with Praise King for who He is and His Deeds

Ps. 20:9 God Save the King! The terms save and “salvation” are repeated in this psalm (vv. 5, 6, 9).

Be Exalted! As in 18:46, the Lord is exalted when he shows his power in making the faithful king successful.

We all know that ultimate Royal King is Jesus who had won the battle and subdue the enemy for his people on cross and resurrection.  We should not only have confidence in His future return for total victory, but also have to trust His reign and rule even now in our various situations and circumstance.  May our Heavenly King grand you our victorious day today!  Amen


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