Gen 13-14: Story Abram and Lots in the contexts of God promise and delievery

Gen 13-14: Story Abram and Lots in the contexts of God promise and delivery, 1/7/2009

by Pastor Biao Chen

This account in Genesis occurred after Abram responded to God’s calling to enter the promise Land, before God formally cut the covenant with Abram then (in Chapter 15). Yet God bounding blessings of grace on him and his family are prior to that as evidently showed in 13.2 and 13.6.  If you are in that situation, what is your response, more like Abram or lean toward Lot’s choices? Personally speaking, I may tempted to follow Lots, because Sodom is much richer place.  Yet narrator inserted that “Now the men o Sodom were wicked, great sinners against Lord” (v 13.13).  In followings verses, we saw that God promise to His faithful servant Abram even expanded than in chapter 12.  It may not surprise you, but me: Abram responded in Worship as he did in Chapter 12 (v13.18) by built an alter.  What is your daily alter to Lord in your situations?  What surprise me is not primarily Abram’s worship, but his consistently and faithfully wait to the promise of God that had not delivered yet.  From the Family of God perspective, the development of relationship of Abram and Lots set a good example how the people of God should deal with each other in the time of prosperity.

The Scene of Abram rescues Lots really led us not only see the kinsman-ship of Abram toward Lots in gracious acts (as well as dealing with 5 kings in Cannan), it really sets the ethical example to original audience of Israelite in Moses time as they enters the promise land.  When you walk into the new territory, who are your friends and allience, and who are your enemies (5 kings?), how should you deal with them accordingly with guidance of God. We later see these more clearly in other books of Moses and Joshua. It would be good application for us today to ask outselves the similar questions.  People of God are attacked by the enermy, and all nations are in danger and captives in sins and darkness of the evils, are we the vessels of God like Abram to be used by God and His Christ, ultimate rescuer for entire world, to deliver them into the kingdom of the light and life?

Besides to work for God’s purpose, do we lose the sight to commue or fellowship with Truine God on regular basis? Recently I send the email links for “How to play Pingpong” to some of church brothers and sisters who like to are playing.  That itself does not a bad thing at all, but sometimes I notice that I am more interested in to play pingpong or get exercising for my physical health than my spiritual well being.  Yet Life of Abram once again point us humbly in the victory upon God, by tithing to the king of Salem Melchizedek (v14.20). In fact, his title was to the priest of God Most High (El ‘Elyon), prefigurring Christ, our High Priest in NT (Heb. 7.1-8:6). Abram knew that God himself brought the victories to him, and we ought to honor and praise Him among the nations.  I am convinced that the strength and moral characters of Abram demonstrated later in the chapter with king of Sodom, by refusing taking his offering of goods, are outflow from Abram’s loyalty and fellowship with Lord.  May we walk with God by communion  with Him, so that we can live as the light and salt of integrity of Kingdom of Christ.


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